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Direction (Q. 1 - 10): Read the sentence given below and find out whether there is any error in it. If yes, in which part? 4 will be the answer for no error.

Q. 1) He promised / 2) his cred itors that / 3) he will pay / 4) them in full.

A.  He promised
B.  his cred itors that
C.  he will pay
D.  them in full.
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Q. 1) Whenever her mother / 2) chides her for / 3) her misbehaviours / 4) she become angry.

A.  Whenever her mother
B.  chides her for
C.  her misbehavior
D.  she become angry.
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Q. 1) Since there /2) isno way of /3) repaying your kindness / 4) I shall always be your creditor.

A.  Since there
B.  is no way of
C.  repaying your kindness
D.  all always be your creditor.
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Q. 1) Do not / 2) buy any more / 3) vegetable; we have / 4) No error

A.  Do not
B.  buy any more
C.  vegetable; we have
D.  No error
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Q. 1) The poles to / 2) support your tent / 3) needs not be heavy / 4) but must be right.

A.  The poles to
B.  support your tent
C.  needs not be heavy
D.  but must be right.
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Q. 1) Whenever clouds / 2) envelope those / 3) mountain peaks, we expect rain / 4) No error.

A.  Whenever clouds
B.  envelope those
C.  mountain peaks, we expect rain
D.  No error.
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Q. 1) The lawyer read / 2) part of an / 3) ancient statue to the / 4) members of the jury.

A.  The lawyer read
B.  part of an
C.  ancient statue to the
D.  members of the jury.
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Q. 1) Instead of / 2) all his troubles / 3) Mr Raj is not/ 4) a bleak man.

A.  Instead of
B.  all his troubles
C.  Mr Raj is not
D.  a bleak man.
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Q. 1) He refused / 2) to give up /3) his claim of / 4) the property.

A.  He refused
B.  to give up
C.  his claim of
D.  the property.
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Q. 1) The old sail / 2) was torn into / 3) piece by a / 4) sudden gust of wind.

A.  The old sail
B.  was torn into
C.  piece by a
D.  sudden gust of wind.
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