1 .

In how many ways can the 12 delegates sit in a round table conference so that 2 particular delegates are always sit together ?

A.  10!
B.  1212!
C.  10!2!
D.  12!
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2 .

If one card is drawn from a pack of cards, what is the probability that it is a diamond ?

A.  1/2
B.  1/4
C.  2/13
D.  1/13
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3 .

Two trains A and B start from Delhi and Kolkata towards Kolkata and Delhi respectively. After passing each other, they take 10 hours and 2 hours 30 minutes respectively to reach their destinations. If Train A is moving at the speed of 37.5 kmh", what is the speed of Train B ?

A.  150 kmh1
B.  75 kmh1
C.  64 kmh1
D.  48 kmh1
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4 .

A train travelling at 32 kmh"1 leaves from Delhi at 7am, and another train travelling at the speed of 40 kmh- 1 starts at 3pm in the same direction. How many km from Delhi will they meet ?

A.  360 km
B.  720 km
C.  1280 km
D.  1800 km
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5 .

At a certain rate of simple Interest Rs 600 amounted to Rs 750 in 3 years. If the rate of interest be increased by 4%, what will be the amount after 3 years ?

A.  Rs 812
B.  Rs 818
C.  Rs 820
D.  Rs 822
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6 .

The simple interest on a certain sum of money for two years at 5% per annum is Rs 1200. What is the compound interest at the same rate and for the same time ?

A.  Rs l210
B.  Rs l220
C.  Rs 1230
D.  Rs 1240
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7 .

In a stream running at 3 km/h, a motorboat goes 8 km upstream and back again to the starting point in 120 minutes. What is the speed of the motorboat in still water ?

A.  8 kmh-1
B.  9 kmh-1
C.  10 kmh-1
D.  12 kmh-1
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8 .

A man buys two items 'A' and ' B ' for Rs 990. He sells item 'A'atalossof6.5%anditem'B'atagainoflO%.Onthewhole he neither gains nor loses. What is the cost of item 'B' ?

A.  Rs 360
B.  Rs 370
C.  Rs 380
D.  Rs 390
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9 .

If Ram is thrice as fast as Shyam, and is therefore able to finish a work in 64 days less than Shyam, what is the time in which they can do it working together ?

A.  16 days
B.  24 days
C.  32 days
D.  40 days
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10 .

If the product of the ages of A and B is 864 years and the ratio of their ages is 3 : 2, what is the age of 'B' ?

A.  24 yrs
B.  32 yrs
C.  36 yrs
D.  40 yrs
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